Ordo Amoris (Ivana Suchacova in real name) is abstract expressionist painter and philosopher based in Prague, Czech republic, who experiments in her paintings with a theme of freedom which she considers to be the essence of the primary source. Whether we are capable to create without any concept in our thinking mind, rather connected to the infinite energy, freely, consciously. But even if the concept turns into non-concept, it still seems to be a concept. The question she asks is: what is the freedom, then? 

She received a Master of Philosophy of Art degree at Charles University in Prague, Czech republic. Not only constantly answers seeking studies, but as well her thoughts which go beyond what is usually seen and known, influenced her paintings. She creates, not only in her works, the reality which she decides for with alignment with her true self regardless of what is actually happening, ignoring the habitual responses and unconscious thoughts, choosing her preferred frequency of being and pasting in onto creation and her art. Overwhelming the reality with consciously chosen state of being as a reminder for us of who we really are. It is not about choices we are usually familiar with, it is a clarity of doing in non-doing. It is a studying of Self, tasting the real essence of being, when the mind is in conscious, wide-awake present stillness in which it starts to create. That is for her pure energy of being and creating in freedom. And there is great Love. 

Her current work concerns to questions and subsequent conversation that arises between the universal energies of something that is considered and something that comes from a priori freedom. The crucial seems to be the space that occurs in form, somewhere between in an essential ratio of both movements, manifested in her visual expression.

Her tendencies in her work are inspired by American abstract expressionism such as gestural abstraction or action painting where the canvas happens to be a vast space in which to act, rather than as a space in which to reproduce, redesign, analyse or express an object, actual or imagined. She goes even beyond in her visual studies and transcends that what the mind thinks about it, to the essential core of creating itself. What is to go on the canvas is not a picture, nor an idea, but an event.

Some of her works created while traveling in Asia are exhibited in museum of contemporary art MAIIAM in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and TITA GALLERY in Mae Rim, Thailand. Her latest exhibition in Bali called wu-wei of the most recent works created on the island was possible to see in unique gallery space Workshopbali, Ubud until April 5th, 2019. She was lately exhibiting her latest works created back in Europe on solo show in Muj salek kavy in Karlin, Prague that was possible to see until July 21, 2019 and on group show in Gallery Kotelna, Ricany, Prague until June 1, 2019. Her works have been purchased by various collectors from Prague, London, Munich, Slovakia, USA, Thailand and Bali.

She currently lives and creates variously in Prague and in her natural studio in Czech paradise during summer season and from Asia during winter, mainly from Thailand and Bali that happened to be for her another home and alongside painting she sometimes observes the world with Flexaret two lens film camera.